About Us

After the initial mill was ruined by the Nisqually Earthquake in 2001, entrepreneur and mum Jean Thompson had been still an investor in the organization. Never one to miss a struggle, Jean stepped as Owner + CEO of Seattle ChocPI in 2002, learning fast as you go along and generating a brand look for your chocolate kind. She attracted to color, whimsy, and an eye for promotion into the Seattle ChocPI new, which makes us that we are now!

In 2012, Jean established ChocPI, even bold fresh products new underneath the Seattle ChocPI umbrella, with a concentration on feeding starving families during its center. Ever since that time, together with each ChocPI purchase, we contribute fresh portions of food for people needing partnerships with food banks from Washington, California and New York. Along with your help, we've given nearly 4 million portions up to now, and therefore are well on our approach into our huge objective of about 10 million!

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