Backpacking Tips for Cheapskates

a backpacker in nature looking at sunset

The very first thing you need to understand about cheapskates is that they do exist and, yes, they also spend money. They would not be as stingy as everyone would think they would be when it comes to something they like, although, of course, you can easily tell the difference on the way how they spend their money compared to the average people. It is no surprise if you find them literally scratching deep down under the ninety-percent discount tags in the mall or prefer to buy incredibly cheap second-hand stuff, things that you can easily classify as the cringe-worthy events that happen before your eyes.

a backpacker looking at statues with book in hands

Just in case you are wondering, do they also go backpacking? The answer is yes. Many of them do. Do not forget that backpacking is one activity for those adventure seekers who are not willing to spend much to enjoy the beauty of the world. However, backpacking for cheapskates is entirely another story. If you are one of them and you happen to enjoy backpacking, or you would like to try the activity, here are the tips for you.


Besides the many benefits this activity holds for physical health, it also helps when you are one of those stingy backpackers who would prefer spending less cash for your mobility. It may sound hard and exhausting, but it is useful to support the main feature the people seek in backpacking which is enjoying the surrounding. They will never get to observe much if they move fast, right?

Alternative Place to Sleep

orange backpack with map on the floorForget renting a hostel room, no matter how cheap it is. Forget also about home-stay which offers extraordinarily low price for one or two nights. Instead, start considering sleeping in several alternative places, public places. No, this is not a joke. In fact, some public areas make the best alternative options. Airport, railway station, and gas station are some of the examples of totally free night accommodation.

Now, if you are brave enough to try this, do not forget to enhance your security. A pepper spray, a stun gun, a knife and luggage with a lock system will help you through the night. Therefore, it is always wise to check the honest buyers guide of the best luggage.

Bring Your Food

It is a basic thing. The fact that food is the most essential thing in the whole journey does not change their stinginess that most of them opt to get the cheapest food possible to supply for their trips. But no, they are not going to do some nasty things such as digging some trash cans to find food. Bringing food from home, then, is the best choice.