Backpacking Tips for Cheapskates

a backpacker in nature looking at sunset

The very first thing you need to understand about cheapskates is that they do exist and, yes, they also spend money. They would not be as stingy as everyone would think they would be when it comes to something they like, although, of course, you can easily tell the difference on the way how they spend their money compared to the average people. It is no surprise if you find them literally scratching deep down under the ninety-percent discount tags in the mall or prefer to buy incredibly cheap second-hand stuff, things that you can easily classify as the cringe-worthy events that happen before your eyes.

a backpacker looking at statues with book in hands

Just in case you are wondering, do they also go backpacking? The answer is yes. Many of them do. Do not forget that backpacking is one activity for those adventure seekers who are not willing to spend much to enjoy the beauty of the world. However, backpacking for cheapskates is entirely another story. If you are one of them and you happen to enjoy backpacking, or you would like to try the activity, here are the tips for you.


Besides the many benefits this activity holds for physical health, it also helps when you are one of those stingy backpackers who would prefer spending less cash for your mobility. It may sound hard and exhausting, but it is useful to support the main feature the people seek in backpacking which is enjoying the surrounding. They will never get to observe much if they move fast, right?

Alternative Place to Sleep

orange backpack with map on the floorForget renting a hostel room, no matter how cheap it is. Forget also about home-stay which offers extraordinarily low price for one or two nights. Instead, start considering sleeping in several alternative places, public places. No, this is not a joke. In fact, some public areas make the best alternative options. Airport, railway station, and gas station are some of the examples of totally free night accommodation.

Now, if you are brave enough to try this, do not forget to enhance your security. A pepper spray, a stun gun, a knife and luggage with a lock system will help you through the night. Therefore, it is always wise to check the honest buyers guide of the best luggage.

Bring Your Food

It is a basic thing. The fact that food is the most essential thing in the whole journey does not change their stinginess that most of them opt to get the cheapest food possible to supply for their trips. But no, they are not going to do some nasty things such as digging some trash cans to find food. Bringing food from home, then, is the best choice.…

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Benefits of Traveling By Charter Bus

charter bus

If you are planning to travel or go on a trip, then make sure that you have the required resources for your trip. If you want to travel efficiently, thenĀ bus charters Maryborough is the best option you are recommended to consider. When you travel by charter bus, the following are some of the benefits you are likely to enjoy.

Stress-Free Driving

As a driver, when you are driving in everyday situations, it can turn out to be a stressful affair. Moreover, driving classic busto an unknown location can increase the chances of getting stressed. But when you use a charter bus, it eliminates all kind of stress you may be involved with.

Charter buses are being operated by professional staff who have enough experience dealing with various forms of passengers. Also, another critical element you need to understand is that charter buses are being driven by a professional driver who will get you to your destination safely.

Cost Efficient

When you are planning to travel in a group, then you are asked to use a charter bus because it is one of the inexpensive options that will suit you. If you are looking for an affordable and a safe way to travel, then ensure that you hire a charter bus earlier enough because most people have shifted to charter bus services.

Numerous Amenities

When you are looking for charter bus services, this is an important aspect you are asked to check on each bus you are about to pick. But most modern charter buses offer their passengers with various amenities to make sure that their travel period is comfortable. Some of the best facilities most buses provide include reading lights, phone chargers, restrooms, DVD players, and TVs.


Charter buses are widely known because they carry a lot of people at once. In other words, they are mostly used to transport people to various trips across the world. Also, a fully-loaded charter bus will be more fuel efficient compared to a fully-loaded car. In simpler terms, it uses less gas per person than when you are traveling on your vehicle.

Incredibly Safe

busTraveling by a charter bus is one of the easiest and safest kinds of travel. There are fewer injuries and accidents compared to all other forms of travel. Fewer accidents are reported because most of these buses are being driven by professional drivers who are adept at operating in many areas that have different weather conditions.…

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The Best Tour Package Trips to Ireland

old stone house

Ireland is one of the premier tourist destinations in Europe and around the world. The country has a rich and interesting history, a vibrant culture, beautiful sceneries. In addition, the Irish people are some of the most friendliest people you are ever bound to meet. Ireland is one destination where you can have it all. If you’re still not convinced you need to visit Ireland, maybe the fact that it is the only country in the world where windmills revolve in clockwise motion might change your mind.

Traveling to a new destination is one of the best things that we can do in our lifetimes. However, traveling does come with its challenges such as getting lost in a new city, experiencing flights delays, having a hard time choosing the specific places to visit, and everything in between. Package trips are a great way to tour Ireland and avoid some of the challenges that come with traveling. There are dozens of different travel packages that offer trips to ireland, and in all these packages there is something for everyone.

Like we said before, in Ireland, there are a lot of different package trips you need to select the one that suits you best. We have categorized these packages as follows:

Self-Drive Package Trips to Ireland

The self-drive packages have their advantages, and these tours can be customized to fit the visitors’ needs. Examples of self-drive packages include:

  • Full Circle Tour – This is a 14-night tour where you get to visit major attractions in Ireland. Some of these attractions include the Guinness Storehouse, Galways City, Cliffs of Moher and so much more.
  • Southern Loop – The Southern Loop is a tour of the Southern parts of Ireland. There is a lot of beautiful sceneries and a booming culture in these parts of the country. Some of the attractions in this packages include a visit to Cork city, Galway city, and the Temple Bar among other destinations.

fishing boats

Chauffeured Package

If you like to be chauffeured around, we also have packages based on this trips to ireland. This is a chance to enjoy what the country has to offer at the comfort of your seat. Packages in this option include:

  • Live in Luxury – Like the name suggests, this trip will show you a glimpse of the best that Ireland has to offer. Visit posh areas such as Dublin and Galway in this 10-night trip.
  • Historical Ireland – If you are a lover of history, this would be the perfect package to experience firsthand the Irish history. You will tour the ancient buildings, visit museums and see many other historical places.

traveling with friends

Coach Tours Package Trips to Ireland

If you are traveling in groups, there is also a package created specifically for you. Examples of great packages suited to large groups of visitors include:

  • Elegant Ireland – A ten-day tour package that lets you and your group explore areas such as the Moher and Ennis cliffs and the Dunboyne Castle.
  • Irish Gold – Another great tour package which includes some great gems. In this tour package, you will experience things such as the Waterford Walk, the infamous Tradition Irish Night and so much more.

All these packages are competitively priced, and you are guaranteed to get the most out of your trip. We have a great team that consists of people who are knowledgeable and experienced on all matters Ireland and who will help you every step of the way. Contact us for more information and booking or reservations.…

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